Most of my clients now come as referrals from people with whom I have worked previously. Typically this involves former clients referring their friends and family members who may find themselves needing a Criminal Defence Lawyer. I am always happy to accept referrals from former clients as I feel this is the highest compliment one can receive.

I am also very pleased to work with clients referred to me by lawyers or other professionals. I pride myself on my ability to work with other professionals in order to obtain the best results possible for the client. For example, I have worked closely on various cases with Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Private Investigators, and Forensic Accountants.

Some criminal cases have other components, such as a civil suit for damages, a professional disciplinary proceeding, or an immigration proceeding. In such cases, I work with other lawyers as needed to ensure my client’s position is addressed with the other proceeding in mind.