Assault or Uttering Threats charges are the most common of the violent offences seen in the Courts. They are investigated promptly and will typically involve the police attending immediately upon receiving the 911 call. This means that the evidence that is gathered in the early stages is central to the case.

As well, the evidence that is not present may be crucial to the defence. I can explain the significance of evidence and the holes in the case against you. I can also assist you in gathering the evidence which may form the bedrock of your defence.

Do not try to get through this initial period alone. It is vital to get legal advice now in order to begin preparing your defence. It may also be possible to begin working toward resolving the matter without the imposition of a criminal record before a charge is even formally laid.

Domestic Assault

A charge of assault or uttering threats often has an immediate and devastating effect on those charged. Particularly in allegations of domestic violence, the police or the Court impose bail conditions which can tear a family apart. These commonly include a ban on contacting family members, including one’s own children, and being banned from going back to your own home.

These conditions are not set in stone however, and with the right advice and representation, some of these conditions may be eased or removed entirely.

Spousal Assault charges are given scheduling priority within the Court system. Do not waste the opportunity to move your case forward by waiting to get advice. Contact me today so that we may begin working toward getting your life back