A conviction for drug production, be it marijuana growing or producing crystal meth, carries with it significant maximum and minimum penalties. It will result in serious restrictions on your future employment, travel, and financial security.

Applications for forfeiture of homes, cars, cash and other valuables typically follow a charge of drug production.

Investigations into drug production are complex and time consuming, and the defence of these charges is no different. The police, with their dedicated drug and gang squads, spend weeks or months investigating. They use tools such as wiretaps, search warrants, and confidential informants. Armed with these tools, evidence is seized.

From here, the defence must attack the validity of the police actions. You have the right to be Free From Unreasonable Search and Seizure. This protects you from unauthorized or illegal police actions.

I typically approach a drug production case with an eye on getting as much information about the investigations as early as possible. Some evidence may be available before you are even charged, depending on the type of investigation. By acting quickly, we can protect your freedom and financial well-being as much as possible.

Forfeiture and Return of Seized Property

A conviction for drug production will almost inevitably result in the state applying for forfeiture of the items that were seized, including cash or other valuables that may not have even been seized as evidence of wrongdoing. The state may also apply for forfeiture of houses or other real estate even if you have never been charged with a crime. In this case, it is vital to act quickly to protect your property. Failure to act may result in you losing everything.

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