These and other serious violent offences carry maximum penalties of life in prison. They also carry long minimum prison terms. Clearly, only an experienced criminal defence lawyer should undertake to defend such serious charges.

The police use their most senior investigators. The prosecutors are some of the best and the brightest. Can you afford anything less?

The investigation leading up to an arrest can take weeks or months. If you have been, or even think you might be, charged with a serious violent offence, you need legal advice now. The police will often conduct covert surveillance, use wiretaps, and execute search warrants in the course of their investigation. You have rights. Make sure that you understand them and act to protect them.

Confessions and Other Statements

One of the most powerful tools in the prosecution of a serious violent offence such as murder is the confession. It is also the one tool over which you have complete control. Prompt legal advice will give you the knowledge and the tools to deal with the aggressive and persistent police tactics they use in their attempts to gain a confession.

If you have already spoken to the police, I can explain the consequences of this to you and bring applications to the Court to argue that any statement should not be used against you.


Bail may be available for even those charged with the most serious offences, even murder. A bail application in cases such as these is one that must be meticulously planned and executed. I can assist you and your loved ones in putting together the plan which has the greatest chance of success. Do not rush to Court without help.

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